Posted by: PierPass Inc. | April 29, 2013

PierPass April News and Updates

PierPass Monthly Transaction Data
As part of our monthly newsletters we provide a summary of the latest transaction data from marine terminal operators (MTOs) at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. Below please find data from the month of March 2013.

Truck activity information is derived from RFID data.

Average in-terminal turn time:

  • 37.4 minutes day shift
  • 37.9 minutes night shift

(Excluding lunch hour, breaks and trouble tickets)

In-terminal turn time is the average amount of time a truck is inside a terminal to complete a transaction. Turn time at individual terminals will vary depending on time of day and other factors. The average in-terminal turn time in January 2013 was 41.1 minutes for the day shift and 43.2 minutes for the night shift.

Frequent callers* average moves per day:

  • 6% trucks 5 or moves per day
  • 12% trucks 4 moves per day
  • 29% trucks 3 moves per day
  • 34% trucks 2 moves per day
  • 19% trucks 1 move per day

*The ports define frequent callers as trucks making one or more moves per weekday. Average moves per day by frequent callers tells us how many moves a truck can make if it is working every day. In February 2013, 32 percent of frequent callers made four or more moves per day.

Day vs. Night Gates:

  • Average number of day gate moves: 11,668
  • Average number of night gate moves: 11,949
  • Number of day shifts open: 27
  • Number of night shifts open: 17

The number of unique trucks calling on both ports in March was 10,390. Approximately 8,500 trucks regularly service the POLA/POLB.

Terminals were closed one night shift for a Stop Work meeting.

Please continue to check our website for our Trouble Ticket Reports and tips on how to reduce trouble ticket problems.